Trainer of NLP – Certification available
Trainer of Hypnosis – Certification available
Introduction to NLP, Time Line Therapy® Hypnosis and Coaching – November 2017
Self Hypnosis – 1 day workshop December 2017
Exciting new approach to health and weight management – information available


How many hours have you spent as a business owner or manager juggling staff issues and have wished everyone was working towards the same outcomes as you?
Are you interested in understanding your customers / clients in a way that will assist you to improve your business systems, sale conversion rates and minimise the time spent on things that do not generate outcomes?
How often have you recruited people for roles in your organisation only to find out later that they were not the right fit and wished you could identify this before offering the job?
How we can help . . . .
Business Coaching and mentoring
Training and development for staff
Candidate screening and recruitment assistance in alignment to business values
Customer service development including communication strategies, scheduling
Sales conversion identification and action plan development
Conflict resolution


Why are you here?
Do you feel stuck in life?
Do you have a problem that you have been trying to change without success?
Are you looking for a more effective approach towards achieving your goals?

Why Coaching?
Here at Kasei Coaching we believe that everyone has the answers to their problems within them and it is our role to help identify and change ideas into action thus eliminating the problem. Our approach is holistic, interactive and individualised. By using counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnosis we are able to achieve positive results for clients in faster time frames.
Areas of experience include
Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Counselling, Eating Disorders and Food Addictions, Career Counselling, Health optimisation, Sport Performance Enhancement (individual and teams), Learning Strategies, Conflict Resolution, Limiting Belief adjustment (including financial, self esteem and motivation issues), Stress Management and Future Goal setting.
Sessions can be delivered face to face, via Skype or by phone with a free complimentary introduction session.